A Member-owned cooperative where crowd-purchasing creates crowdfunding and all profits are shared.
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    Together we can create the world we all know in our hearts is possible.

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    We have solutions to Climate Change. CREW is the distribution channel. We can do this!

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    CREW is a Member-owned cooperative because we are better together. To change everything, we need everyone.

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"There are no passengers on Space Ship Earth. We are all CREW." Marshall McLuhan




  1. Cooperation is more powerful than competition.
  2. Our greatest renewable energy is the human spirit.
  3. The entire planet is our homeland – that is security.
  4. A member-owned, technology enabled, distributed network can succeed where top-down systems are failing.

CREW is a new economic model.  You can join for free...or we can all thrive faster with each of us doing a little bit (just $33 month -- $11 during our prelaunch). This is not a donation.  CREW is owned by the Members.

CREW shifts buying power, promotes solutions, creates impact jobs, and shares all the profits.

Once you join, there are many ways to share the vision, and CREW only works at scale.  If there are ten of us, no one notices – ten million, we change the world:

  • Share the vision with your network.  CREW is NOT network marketing.  You don’t get paid a commission to recruit your friends and family.  If you believe in the mission, share the message.
  • Share solutions with your network.  We all know people who are decision makers – city officials, moms, school administrators, business leaders.  To get trillions of dollars of clean tech solutions to the market, we need your help to spread the word – CREW will even pay you to do it. 
  • Share the vision with your church or an organization you support.  CREW donates $1/Member/month to organizations that qualify and help share the vision (basically the organization has to be doing something that improves our world and we track every Member who signs up through their link).  This can become a residual fundraiser.
  • Share the Impact products.  Small business owners are the life-blood of capitalism.  They need our support. Buy their products and services and support a better world.

Imagine the school band, sports team, or debate club needs money for a special event.  Instead of selling candy or coupons, they can share the vision of CREW and create a residual fundraiser ($1/Member/Month). 

Imagine your church wants to have more positive impact in the community.  Just promote CREW, sign up the Members, and use the funds to do good works.


Imagine your company having all of the employees join the CREW and tracking all of the change you create together -- talk about team building.  The company could even cover the monthly fee as a benefit, like a gym membership. GoogleCREW competing with FacebookCREW to see who can have more positive impact.

Are you a member of a large organization like the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, or World Wildlife Fund?  Inspire them to join CREW and promote it to their Members.  They will create positive impact and a residual fundraiser.

Capitalism needs a major reboot.  It will not come from the politicians or the corporations.  As Upton Sinclair wrote, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on him not understanding it."  This change will come from the people -- it will come from you. 

Opt Ed: How CREW can help create a trillion dollars of change -- by solar pioneer, Jeff Wolfe.

CREW and "Distributed Capitalism" solve many of the endemic issues that even Forbes questions about our current economic system.  


Every Member who buys an Impact Product or Service supports the movement, themselves, and the other Members through profit sharing.  We create a new economic model based on cooperation.

Once the network is built, we can have any Impact Product or Service funded and on the world market “overnight.” The billions that used to be spent on marketing, now recycle back to the Members (just like money used to recycle within our communities).  In a global economy, CREW becomes our tribe.  

As Seth Godin says, “You don’t need everyone, just your tribe (or crew).”


Crowdfunding is an event.  CrewFunding is a relationship.

In addition, CREW provides exclusive “Impact Jobs,” where Members can get paid to support solar on their neighbors roof ($500), make a building more energy efficient ($5,000), or get their city to install solar street lights ($15,000).  Green jobs cannot be outsourced – they build and improve our communities.  These companies need a global, “commission based” distribution system where they only pay for results. CREW is the answer.



For many of us, the current system is not working. 

With Distributed Capitalism, more people can thrive.


We all live better with a strong middle class.  Henry Ford was smart enough to understand that if his workers could afford his cars, his business was stronger.

Imagine earning money by living your values, having more time for joy, and connecting with similar hearts around the world.





If we build this right and make smart investment choices, CREW could become an economic juggernaut.  With a million members, we will be buying $30 million in Impact Products and Services every month and investing $10 million every month.  That is a lot of profit sharing – and it all recycles back to the Members.

We love when Members make money, because we know the impact that was created to generate that income. 




As Conscious Consumers, we vote with our dollars.  CREW creates an “economic ecosystem” for the products and services that are good for our bodies and our planet. 

  • Outside Shopping Portal:  With each purchase, the “donation amount” will first cover your $3/monthly fee.  Once you are covered, additional “donations” go to CrewFund so we can invest more, shift faster, and thrive together.  This shopping portal is provided through a strategic alliance, so CREW Cash cannot be used and CREW does not control what products are offered (i.e. not all products have a positive impact). Support what you like.
  • Once you join CREW, you will immediately receive an email link, and with one click you will join our online shopping portal where every purchase supports CREW and you.
  • Merchant Marketplace (in development):  Merchants are already lining up to join the CREW, but we need to finish some custom software, which will be developed through feedback and support from our Pioneer Members.  Your CREW Cash will simply accumulate in your Green Piggy Bank until the Marketplace opens (it is held in a separate account and never used for operations).  Here are a few of our Pioneer Merchants: 


  • Member Marketplace (in development): CREW Members will be able to use CREW Cash to buy products and services from other Members.  With your feedback and support, it will be a beautiful thing.



Management & Board of Directors



Distribute solutions, fund innovations, and share profits so Members become stakeholders and capitalism evolves into a force for good.

We want to turn the current paradigm on its ear:

Exploit planet and people = get rich.
Care about planet and people = be happy (but too often broke).

CREW is a new model: Members who care the most, earn the most -- be happy and abundant.

CREW is a Member owned cooperative.  If you’re a Member, you’re an owner.  CREW is you – multiplied.  Our management philosophy, Integracy, is more like a flock of birds than a typical hierarchy (Zappos just employed a similar strategy called Holacracy). There is wisdom and power in a network of diverse Members with a common goal and we use concentric circles as more efficient feedback loops.

CREW uses crowd purchasing to create crowd funding.  The Members then direct those funds, and CREW (as the accredited investor) makes the final investments.  All profits are shared with the Members so we can thrive together (and the cycle repeats).


How are investment funds generated?  Normally, each Member* contributes $33 a month and receives $30 of CREW Cash with $10 into the investment fund every month.  What a minute...how does $33 become $40??!!  Since we receive a discount from our Merchants, that $30 of value only costs CREW $20.  We invest that “extra” $10 into Impact companies (until we have our Merchant Marketplace up, Members will contribute $11/month to help fund the launch of CREW.  One dollar will be used for operations and the $10 will be treated as a loan, to be paid back into the main investment fund once CREW is profitable).  Remember, we all own this together.

What is the $3 for?  Once the full $33 is launched, one dollar will go to our non-profit partners (this motivates them to share the message and we support their good works), $1 for credit card fees, and $1 for operations. Through our outside shopping portal, Members can cover their $3 fee through purchases at over 4,000 merchants, including Amazon.com.  Once you join CREW, just sign up for free and every purchase helps cover your three-dollar monthly fee.  Additional purchases contribute to CrewFund (and you earn points for profit sharing).  Of course you can also sign up with CREW for free.  All barriers are removed.  Join now.


*For simplicity, Full Members are designated with the capital “M,” free members the small “m.”  Free members can earn profit sharing through results.

The Members own 100% of CREW.  If we have a million Members, our operational costs will not be a million dollars a month.  Any extra funds will simply recycle back to the Members or the investment fund.

Here are the ownership specifics:

 82%  Members
 10%  Pioneer Members (First 10,000)
+8%   Investor Members/Staff Members

So $10,000 in profits would be divided:

 $8,200  Members
 $1,000  First 10,000 Full Members
+$800    Investor Members/Staff Members

Vetted and approved projects are presented online (like Kickstarter or Indiegogo).  Members simply fund the projects they like. We don’t vote.  Each Member directs a certain amount of funds they earn based on their activity and results.  




(Example of Project Layout. Specifics not applicable. Image pulled from Indiegogo)

Every investment has risk, and we are confident that CREW will have some epic failures.  We encourage mistakes and stretching for greater impact.  Our goal is to create a massive shift – that requires risk.

Imagine there is a new renewable energy technology that could revolutionize the world.  It is a long shot, but if it works, the world is a dramatically better place.  The Members rise to the challenge and 100,000 Members each contribute $10 from their funds and direct $1 million dollars into the company (everybody does a little bit and we can have a big impact).  There is great excitement, but after a year the company sputters, flounders, and then dies.  That would be tragic, but part of our mission is to take intelligent and calculated risks. 

The beauty of the CREW model is that the risk is spread around (another example of Distributed Capitalism).  Also, if we hit a homerun, we all share in the success.

CREW has a distinct investment advantage.  We supply both conscious customers and conscious capital.  With lots of loyal Members, who now have a vested interested in the company’s success, the investment becomes more secure.

Until CREW is fully funded, the $10/Member/month will go to fund CREW (just for the first 10,000 Members).  As they say before take off, “Secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.”  CREW requires a solid economic foundation before it can begin funding other companies.  We also want a “Peace Chest” for any contingencies.  Don’t worry – there is no one “behind the curtain” making millions.

Whenever money is involved, transparency is the best policy.  To create a solid structure, we will need to hire quality people and offer competitive salaries.  Our financials will be online for Members to review.

Vision:  Build a cooperative economic model to evolve capitalism, curb climate change and empower people.

CREW is an acronym:

Connected, Resourceful, Empowered World. 
Or…   Clean, Renewable Energy Worldwide. 

Take your pick (or come up with a better one).

Think big.  Imagine 100 million Members in CREW.  That is $3 billion in Impact Products and Services and $1 billion in Impact Investments every month -- and all of those profits are shared with the Members.  Advertisers spend billions to manipulate us into buying products that don't serve us or the planet.  We can take back control -- create our own economic engine.  We fund the products and services we want, and the profits are shared with the Members.  That's Distributed Capitalism.

Some will roll their eyes at this vision, but a short time ago who would have imagined that cigarette companies would pay for advertisements telling consumers that their products cause cancer?  A small group of people made it their mission and the wealthiest corporations on earth were no match for their passion.  The profits of the very few are not more powerful than the benefits to the many.  Together, we can create the world we all know in our hearts is possible.

How it Works for Members

CREW is fueled by the $33/Member/month (currently $11/month). 

Members can also join for free, but if everyone joins for free, we have no fuel for our economic engine (free member shopping also creates revenue).

The first level of positive impact is our collective purchasing power.  A million Members in CREW will purchase $30 million of Impact Products and Services – every month.  

This active marketplace will inspire ecopreneurs to create new products and services. 


These innovations will need funding, and that is our next big impact.  CREW supplies both capital and customers.

With a million Members, we will have $30 million in Impact Purchases and $10 million in investments every month.

This “crowd purchasing” model creates major advantages, because CREW supplies both the customers and the capital.


If you are an ecopreneur with the next big thing, would you rather raise money from a Venture Capital firm or would you rather join a movement with CREW?  You have just one shareholder on your books (CrewFund – the accredited investor), but because of our cooperative model, literally millions of customers can have a vested interest in your success (CREW is owned by the Members, who share in all of the profits). 

One shareholder with potentially millions of customers (who are now stakeholders) spreading the word about your company or solution – it is a beautiful thing.


“Climate Change is the single biggest thing humans have ever done on this planet.  The only thing that needs to be bigger is the movement to stop it.”   Bill McKibben

How it Works for Merchants

40 second video:


CREW is not exclusive. Merchants can keep selling through other channels.  All we ask is that our Members get the best retail price publicly available.  Our model is simple, whatever the price, the Merchant keeps 67% and 33% goes to CrewFund.

If a product sells for $30, CREW Members can buy it for $30 worth of CREW Cash (each Full Member gets $30 of CREW Cash every month).  This $30 of value only costs CREW $20 (67% of $30 = $20) and we put the “extra” $10 in CrewFund.  Sixty-seven percent is better than a Merchant would receive if they sold through a retail store, so it is a win for everyone.

The other big advantage our Merchants have is if they need funding, they can put together an investment offer on CrewFund.  Once approved, if the Members like it, they can fund the project and the Merchant’s customers are now stakeholders who share a vested interest in the success of the Merchant.

The profits, instead of being concentrated into the hands a few, are distributed out to all of the Members/customers.  This is Distributed Capitalism.


As we grow, we will co-create training programs based on Member interests.  Our goal is to help Jigar Shah reach his goal.  Jigar was one of the inspirations for CREW (and our first Member).  His public goal is: “I will assist 100,000 people who are willing to sell an average of $1 million in cost saving climate change solutions in 20,000 municipalities in the U.S.”

Read his article.  It lays it all out there.  What we need is specific training for CREW Members.  To develop this, we are working with J.T. O’Donnell.  Having created a successful online community with the free advice site CAREEREALISM.com (2.4M pageviews/month), and then creating a sister site with paid training, CareerHMO.com (4K+ customers), she believes a similar model could be created for the Cleantech Industry – with CREW driving momentum (and receiving special discounts).   This is the greatest moral obligation and financial opportunity of our time.  Let’s do this.

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